Instructional Designer

Hi, I'm Jackie. I'm a scholar-practitioner who infuses learning science and research with creativity to design effective and accessible learning experiences.

eLearning Courses

STEM Mentorship Training

Lead Designer & Developer

Eight self-paced modules designed to build mentoring competencies and STEM confidence through authentic scenarios and practice.

Leadership Training

Project Manager & Lead Developer

A self-paced leadership training on the Johari Window for managers at an international corporation.

English for Specific Purposes

Air Traffic Controllers

Collaborated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to develop original eLearning content related to Remote Towers and Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Tourism Professionals

Collaborated with Ohio University on a State Department grant to develop original eLearning content on Tourism Health and Safety in Mongolia.

Auto Manufacturing

Led a team of university instructors in the design and development of hundreds of self-paced, eLearning courses for auto engineers at Honda North America.

Uniformed Forces

Designed learning materials for Law Enforcement, Peacekeepers, and Border Patrol Guards for the US State Deparment.

Long Term Care

Designed and piloted materials for immigrant women working in housekeeping, laundry service, and food service at a long term care facility in New Jersey.

International Experiences

As a US Department of State English Language Fellow and English Language Specialist, I have had the great fortune to travel and work with some pretty amazing professionals around the world. I've worked with law enforcement and peacekeeping troops in Indonesia, border patrol guards in Ukraine, English language faculty in Vietnam, and police college faculty in Sri Lanka. Check out my blog to read my reflections (and see some fun videos) on these experiences. These experiences sharpened my ability to develop English language learning courses specific to the the target audience while providing support for the instructors and trainers that work tirelessly to implement them.

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P1590875 Jackie Border Guards_copy_3.png


Research Assistant in Instructional Design and Technology Studio

Director, Workplace and Professional English & American Language Program Lecturer

English Language Institute Lecturer

English as a Second Language Instructor to refugee populations

Coordinator, Language Training and Development

Contracted to support the development of Virtual Adventure Challenges.

English Language Fellow & English Language Specialist

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