About Me

"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."

--Dolly Parton


Jaclyn Gishbaugher has built a career path in adult education and training since 2008. She has enjoyed a variety of roles in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), including teaching English lifeskills to Bhutanese and Burmese refugees, teaching academic English as an adjunct professor at both Akron University and The Ohio State University, and serving as a U.S. Department of State English Language Fellow teaching and developing English for Specific Purposes (ESP) curricula to police officers and peacekeeping troops in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jaclyn enjoys working with educational technology and has designed and developed digital learning environments for corporate language training. In addition, she has delivered multiple teacher training workshops based on both ESP and Blended Learning as a US Department of State English Language Specialist in Indonesia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Jaclyn is now focused on Instructional Design and Technology as a doctoral student at the University of Memphis while living and working in Columbus, Ohio.


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professional goals

In becoming a doctoral student of Instructional Design and Technology at the University of Memphis, Jaclyn aspires to bring into focus all of the skills and experiences she has cultivated and enjoyed the most throughout her career in TESOL: hands-on designing of curriculum and careful integration of educational technologies. Within the first year of her studies, she hopes to identify a dissertation topic based on her many research interests and clearly formulate a learning path that will set her up as a successful scholar-practitioner in the field of Instructional Design. Within 3-5 years, she plans on being completed with her EdD degree in Instructional Design and firmly employed in an Instructional Design position within an institution of higher education. In the process, she wishes to curate a multitude of educational tools and technologies that can aid in the development of effective digital learning environments, broaden her knowledge of research and pedagogy related to online learning, and sharpen her skills in project management and design theory and thinking. Within 10 years, Jaclyn sees herself as a successful online learning architect and launching a certificate program for TESOL instructors who desire to work with adults in English for Specific Purposes. In the future, Jaclyn hopes that a degree in Instructional Design and Technology will allow her to translate instructors' and students' needs into effective online learning spaces, as well as to empower TESOL instructors around the world by providing them with flexible, online professional development opportunities to fit their super-human schedules.


When Jaclyn isn't working or studying, she stretches her legs and fingers through Muay Thai, dance, travel, and blogging. She and her boyfriend, Nate, traveled to 33 countries in a year and a half. You can read about the adventures in her blog or see photos in the gallery.