Jaclyn J. Gish-Lieberman (Gishbaugher), EdD

I entered the Instructional Design field with over a decade of experience in designing and teaching curricula for adult English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. Most of these experiences involved building course materials to fit the specific - and often urgent - language needs of working adults. I cultivated skills in needs assessment, working with SMEs, target learners, and other key stakeholders to interpret their ideas into authentic and effective learning experiences. As an Instructional Designer, I've continued and expanded this work, building eLearning solutions with foundational knowledge in learning theory and empirical research.

Research Interests

Learner-Centered Syllabi

Communities of Practice

Identity Development

Case-Based Instruction

Learning Experience Design

English for Specific Purposes



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I like to keep moving, whether that be practicing Muay Thai, running, dancing, traveling, or triathloning (if that's a word!). Pushing my body and mind empowers me to persist through all of life's twists and turns. When we're not traveling, my husband and I live in Columbus, Ohio.


How I define IDT...in infographic form!