Double-O STEM:

Community-Based STEM Projects for Informal Learning

Double-O STEM is a STEM curriculum based on authentic, community-based problems (missions) for young learners (agents) to solve. The curriculum was created to provide informal STEM activites for librarians and included both an Educator eBook and a Learner eBook. I created the eBook cover art work and several of the animated videos within the eBook's many missions.

eBook Artwork

We wanted to create eBook covers that would draw the attention of young learners (3-5 grade). I used Microsoft PowerPoint to create the hi-tech design using simple shapes and line work. The artwork mimicked some of the design elements featured in Agent Double-O STEM's secret mission video messages.

Mission Videos

The Double-O STEM ebooks take agents through eight top secret missions to help the community. Each mission begins with a brief video explaining the problem. There is a special message from Agent Double-O STEM at the end of the video outlining the mission. Videos I created for the project include creating a mixed-species zoo enclosure, planning an urban gardening, building a community-center vertical maze, and creating sustainable food packaging. I created the videos using and voiced the narration. There is an example video at the bottom of this page.

Mission Accomplished Videos

We wanted a way to celebrate the agents' hard work after completing their mission. Therefore, we created short "mission accomplished" videos featuring Agent Double-O STEM. She congratulates the agents on a job well done and reminds them of what they accomplished by using their STEM skills.


The Double-O STEM curriculum was implemented in a Memphis-area after school program in partnership with West Tennessee STEM Hub. Approximately 30 kids attended. The eBook have been published on OER Commons and EdTech Books. Collectively, the materials have been downloaded almost 17,000 times.