Tool kit

Content Authoring

Games, Polls, Surveys

screencast tools

Download this free software to create your own screen cast presentation. You can capture your mouse movements and have a "talking head" video overlapping your screen explaining your every move. The free version will leave a watermark on your video, as can be seen in the 2 minute example video I created. I used this software to create a navigation guide for my workshop participants to help them get acquainted to our Moodle site. NOTE: The ActivePresenter software did send my computer fan into overdrive creating some pretty awful background noise on the video. This might be avoided using a plug-in microphone instead of the computer's native mic.

presentation tools

Nearpod allows instructors to create interactive presentations for use in the classroom with students. There is a paid version of the software that will allow students to complete the lessons independentally. Nearpod uses second-screen technology, which means that the instructor "casts" her presentation to the students' smart devices and control what they can see and do from their own device. The interactive abilities include polls, multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, a draw on the screen function, and a collaborative space where all students can share their ideas. Preview the example Nearpod below to learn more.

Office 365 Sway

Office 365's presentation software, Sway, can be used to create content for your students to access independently. The software allows one to add photos, videos, audio, and interactivity through their comparison and stacking tools. With several layouts to choose from, the content presentation is professional and navigation is easy. Share your presentation with a single link. Office 365 keeps statistics on how your presentations are being accessed by learners.


Piktochart is an easy-to-use infographic generator. You can create an infographic, presentation, or printable. The free version allows you to create 5 visuals. I find it easier to select and un-select items for the purposes of moving them in groups or to color multiple objects at once.

Visme is another great option for creating infographic-based products (long form, documents, presentations, social media templates, etc.). The free version allows up to 5 products. I found the "free" built in graphics and icons to be a bit more restrictive than Piktochart, but the usability is about the same. Visme does have an object list that is very helpful when trying to arrange the layering of multiple objects.


Free a/v

Copyright free images and videos, even for commercial use! Modification permitted.

Free video and vector art. Licensing information is on each piece. Pro license needed for some art pieces.

Copyright free images. Attribution is not required but appreciated. Modification permitted.

Content management

Padlet is a good option for organizing content for your students. It creates one spot where your students can visit to access documents, videos, links to websites, or any other web-based services. Choose how you want students to interact with the content, just accessing, liking, voting, commenting, or even adding their content. The free version includes three padlets. The first example padlet is a content organizer for a Blended Learning workshop. The second example was used as a review exercise for the same workshop. Participants discussed the answer in groups and then added their answer as a comment. In the final example, the participants were asked to complete a KWL chart with their thoughts and then like/comment on others' responses.

learning management

Moodle Cloud offers a full-package LMS with many sophisticated learning management options. Learners are required to register. The free version allows you up to 30 people per course. There is a learning curve, but the platform offers a lot of customization so that you can insure that your learners are having an good user experience.

collaborative spaces

Made with Padlet

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Students can easily collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentation slides using Google docs.

Delivery & discussion

Zoom is a video-conferencing software with a free plan to host up to 100 people for up to 40 minutes. Share documents, screens, and of course, video. Record your sessions and send them to participants who missed the session via a link.


Kahoot is a free, second-screen technology that allows the instructor to create a fun, competitive environment in the classroom. The games can be set up so that students compete individually on their own hand-held device or in a group if there is a limited number of devices. This video is a glimpse of Kahoot in action during a teacher training in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Quizlet is a good, free option for either independent or teacher-led study. A teacher can set up a classroom with vocabulary sets for students to access and study as digital flash cards either from a computer or through the Quizlet app. With Quizlet Live, students use their own computer or hand-held device (preferred) to join teams and answer vocabulary questions. In this video, you can see how Quizlet live excited even adult faculty at the Sri Lankan Police College.


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You can now polish your website by simply clicking on the text. You can edit, move or delete the text as often as you like.

Custom create your own survey, questionnaire or quiz using Office 365 Forms tool. Finished Forms have an embed code, so they can instantly add comprehension check questions to a Sway presentation.